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Healthshare Clinics is an organisation specialising in the delivery and management of physiotherapy, podiatry and associated services within the private sector. Established in 2015, Healthshare Clinics currently provides these services across 2 sites in Kent. Our core delivery model is the ability to rapidly get the patient to the right clinician at the right time. Healthshare Clinics has a team of clinicians including ESP physiotherapists and podiatrists as well as providing allied services including Sports Massage and Pilates.

Physiotherapy Specialities
Our team includes specialists in the fields of MSK Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Work Station Ergonomics, Advanced Rehabilitation, Women's Health, Vestibular Disorders, Acupuncture and Gait Analysis.

Healthshare Clinics Orpington is based at the LycaHealth Diagnostic and Consulting centre. At this state of the art facility we provide individual treatment rooms alongside an extensive rehabilitation area and fully equipped gym. This allows us to provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs to ensure effective and efficient patient recovery.
The LycaHealth Diagnostic and Consulting Centre gives our clinicians rapid access to for specialist consultant opinion and the latest in medical imaging and diagnostics.

LycaHealth makes use of all the latest technology and their diagnostic suite is second to none, comprising of a 3T MRI scanner that delivers premium image quality with digital clarity and speed, the highest-resolution CT scanner available today and DuraDiagnost digital X-ray technology.

For more information regarding the Consulting and Diagnostic services please visit 

Healthshare Clinics provides a private service to support the delivery of your primary care management of MSK conditions by working alongside you.